Expo Fairs Hop

It wasn’t a hop initially. But after we had booked for the kittylab, we realised tat there are some other interesting fairs going on too.

And so we invaded into 4 selected fairs/exhibitions from the time we reached around 9am till we leave expo around 5pm (tat’s normal working hrs :P)


free cardholder with lanyard

Each and everyone was given a gadget (cun remember wat’s tat called). This gadget had to be placed on the interactive machine located at all stations. Each station had their own action to be completed, such action will be captured by the interactive machine, and if u passed (it’s easy to pass), u can choose the accessory or dressing to dress up ur hello kitty. Watever ur choice was, it will be saved into the gadget. By the end of the game, u will receive a card of ur own designed hello kitty where they will analyzed the kind of character ur hello kitty is.

our kitty id cards

I’m a ‘Trouble Kitty‘ who never stops asking until the answer is found 😛

Frankly speaking, if just the game alone, it was kinda bored. But when we were allowed to shoot, tat’s where the best part and worthy of the entrance fee was 😛 We were ‘told’ not to shoot in the exhibition, but I think they had lost control of everyone doing it at the same time, and so instead of stopping everyone, they allowed us to shoot without flash. But as the exhibition hall was very dark, we had no choice but to on our flash.

the city map of kittylab

wan to shop? let’s go Kitty Boutique!

looking for a suitable job? Kitty Company Ltd is here to help 😉

ur car need some servicing? the car mechanic here in KT Formula is skillful enough 🙂

but if ur body need some urgent ‘repair’, they have good doctors here in Strawberry Hospital

saw the suspect? quickly report police at the Kitty Police Station!
(NL is one of them – refer to the bottom corner)

let’s head off to the Star Museum for more knowledge of your stars and horoscopes!
wat’s ur? mine is aquarius 😉

oh I’m too fat to get thru them at the Badtz Maru Playground 😛

ok, it’s time for classes! I’m proud to be a student of Kitty College! 🙂

hey hey … hair too long! time for a good haircut at Mrs Ribbon Salon

time for tea break! they have large varities of nice food here at Kitty Cafe!

eiffel tower at paris, tokyo tower at tokyo, there’s Hello Tower here too! 😉

so tat reminds us of a good trip ya! let’s book a package here at Daniel Travel 😉
they have package to go outer space too :O

time to go … let’s take the train from Nekosen Station!

Here’s more shots taken from around the city …

My buys from the Kitty Lab Souvenir Shop. Just something practical and usable 🙂

eco bag @ $3

and the spoon & fork set @ S$15

but it seems too pretty to be used 😛

Time to collect(buy) the photo taken before we enter in to the city …

S$12 for the photo with cardboard photo frame and cute little stickers

all these were placed in this medical report like envelope 🙂

Given the chance to shoot inside, we decided to forgo the limited ed good citizen badge for those who can complete the whole game by their designated time. And so we ended up staying till the next session (we took the 1st and earliest session) before we headed off to food fair for our lunch 😛

saw this on our way out and was told of a registeration for a free webbased email acct plus a free photo shot

each of us was given a barcoded card in which different animated characters will appear
on our screen when the barcode came in contact with the barcode reader on the camera

and tat’s how the keroppi came near me 😀

grabbed a capsule toy outside the hall … strawberry one … so sweeeeet …. 😉

Food Fair

delicacy from taiwan booth … Ma Lan Gong Wan (hot & spicy fishballs) S$3.50
though it’s kinda oily, but the taste was good … we almost emptied up the oily soup 😛

traditional kueh pie tee @ 4 for S$2.50
not too bad … the cup were still crispy and fillings were still warmed

leo satay @ 10 for S$5
after eating the too dry and non-tasty satay of theirs, we regretted sticking back to city satay 😦

a little bowl of S$1 laksa from Defu
cold and tasteless … kinda disappointed …

all these otah  and otah buns for S$5 at Defu too
too light for taste … another disappointment 😦

ai yu (jelly drink) @ S$1 from a taiwan booth
very refreshing and it’s all we need after all the spicy food 🙂

3 for S$3 deep-fried yam with almond flakes from teochew city seafood restaurant booth
yam tasted was covered by the almond flakes … I would prefer stronger yam taste
we were thinking of trying out their yam paste too but the ppl savoring it were expressionless to convince us

John Little Sales

I din make any spree here though NL bought alot of big & heavy bottles of toiletries here. I only bought a S$12 blouse for 妈咪 which she likes it so much and ask me why din I buy another colour for her @_@

break @ coffee beans

our legs are breaking … we need a rest …

NL left us early from here …

MPH Sales

I was quite amazed to see so many ppl carrying or leg-pushing their filled up carton boxes around. Some parents were even seen throwing children bks into their overflowing carton after a few flips, cos each bk only cost them S$1.

I may be doing so if it was kino sales instead … cos I will aim at all chinese books 😛

After browsing thru a few rounds, I picked up 2 bks from the 5 for $20 section … the other 3 went to CL. The additional 3 travel guides belonged to CL too.

a box of yummy half tongzi chicken complete the day 😉

Expo Fairs Hop

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