Romankan @ Taka

Romankan, an unnoticeable little eating corner tucked at the back of taka’s food zone. Heard it had opened for many years.

They basically served teisyoki, set meal tat comes with rice, miso soup and pickles. There are 9 set meals inclusive of 2 sandwich sets to choose from. All sets not exceeding S$17.

NL’s order – katsu curry teisyoku (S$15)
fried pork-loin cutlets with an original curry sauce, rice and salad

mine – rosu katsu ni (S$15)
cooked fried pork-loin cutlets in an original sauce, served on a hot plate

CL’s order – chicken katsu teisyoku (S$11.50)
deep-fried chicken cutlets

All cutlets we ordered but in different styles. Though they were all deep fried, but there isn’t any greasiness in them. Not a bad choice for dining at a food hall.

CL had been talking about a particular indonesian snack which tasted similar to tat of an indian snack. We had no idea wat she referring to until we saw it at one of the food stall nearby.

I think it tasted more like the Putu Piring I had in malacca (a flour-er and bigger version of our Tutu Kueh) which was taster.  These were way too soggy and tasteless.

The toy fair for this time round came with more ‘collectables’ than just toys for the kids. I din get any though … just some photoshoots with the ‘toys’ 😛

this yr xmas tree @ NAC

Romankan @ Taka

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