Ootoya @ Orchard Central

We q for 45mins, placed order within 15mins, and left the place after 20mins.

We had decided, if we were to return, we have to either make it earlier or in the afternoon. The food wise was almost similar to tat of Tonkichi, which was another place with long q in the same mall. Basically these were the only 2 restaurants with long q. Price wise was cheaper.

I do not know which is which, but the total bill of 4 set meals plus the S$6 ceaser salad cost less than S$80. So average to say each fork out about S$20. Quite reasonable I would say.

Orchard xmas lightings has lighted up. We had also fixed the date and venue for this yr xmas gathering, and it will solely within the gals. Ya it’s easier to find a place to accomodate 7 of us, rather than with 12 adults and 7 kids 😛

Ootoya @ Orchard Central

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