Tai Tai Day @ Marina Sq

It had been quite some times since our last “Tai Tai Day”. And so here we were having a relaxing lunch at our usual lunching hangout, Xin Wang.

A tai tai day without any agenda really led us to nowhere. We window-shopping aimlessly and ended up taking our teabreak at mcdonald 😛

小妹 will be paying a visit to her gynae with her thank you cards. But a simple message on the thank you cards (photos actually) could create ‘chaos’ among the 3 ladies … hahaha …

大妹 suggested her to write a big “thank you” as appreciation. But the big “thank you” ended up like this …

the big is real BIG while the “thanks” is still in small cap :-\

After some corrections, came the 2nd and last ‘try’ (only 2 photos on hand) …

the upper cap for big remains … with a upper cap “THANKS” too @_@

Actually wat 大妹 meant was, “A big THANKS to you”.

Anyway, we are always so nonsense one la … 😛

As the time was still early, we decided to return back to 小妹’s place and spend time with D公主 instead.

finally she can carry her without stress ^__* … but D公主 seems stressed instead 😀

And to end the day, I finally had my hands on the charity bear 🙂

Tai Tai Day @ Marina Sq

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