Street’s Cafe @ Raffles City

Cat and I chose this place cos she said their food was nice, which I think otherwise. At least not for the food I ordered.

mango breeze (S$3.90) and ice yuan yang (S$3) was ok

olive fried rice (S$6.80)
Cat’s order which I din try

garlic ribs noodle soup (S$6.80)
basically the garlic ribs are nice but the plain-like-nothing-with-rubberbanded-noodle-oily-soup spoilt the whole dish.

There was another dish which I din take pix of cos it was a flop!!!! The mayo fries (S$3.90) were so oily and one can see tat the oil had been reused for many many times. We really regret ordering it and would have just gone to mcdonald instead 😦

I remembered having better cooked dishes from the IMM branch. They have nice seatings here but the services and cookings were … @_@

Street’s Cafe @ Raffles City

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