Migrating Time

Ok where should I start? …

Though I’m new to such online blog, I’m not a blogger newbie. I’m not sure has the term ‘blog’ been used in 1998, but that was when I started writing what I called online diary. I named it as <心情篇> back then and it remained for years until the change in 2007. <Simplicity Is My Name> is something which I want myself to be … or I thought I was.

However I uses <yixuanpm> instead ‘in memory’ of my painstaking work called <Precious Memories 忆轩>. It was my personal homepage. Such homepage or rather website was popular back in late 90s where creators shared happenings around their lifes and hobbies in the virtual world.

It all started when I first subscribed to IP in 1996, which got me acquainted to a cyber friend (fan of chilam which no longer in contact now) located in Canada of whom I soon became her local source of getting chilam’s news (yes, I am still his fan though not as enthu as before 😛 ) and scanning of articles for her unofficial fanclub website updating use.

But as days went by, I soon realised that with the huge no. of idols stuffs I owned, I could do up one for sharing purposes too. I was even innocently thinking of creating a website that updates on artistes activities too. I guess such idea was new back then.

And so a sheleton webpage was done with the help of a friend.

It was only after viewing many hong kong homepages, I started doing up my homepage with a more personal touch and thus themes on family and friends appeared.

It was really hard to find any spore homepages back then, and so I decided to post up more spore related stuffs to share with the world. And as the interest goes, my homepage expanded too … 212MB of web space plus an additional webring that focused on 80s childhood stuffs.

My ‘creative’ mind had led me to do up a sheleton website for a IT-services company which earned me S$500 as an amateur ‘web designer’. Many ideas in mind could have led me to become an young online entrepreneur back then … but I lacked of courage to pursue 😛

Anyway, small earnings from yahoo auction (which closed down too since last yr) and ebay make the happy me too ^___^

Until one day I received this email …

I was sad to be forced to close down my homepage. That’s the fate of using free services when eventually moved on to paid services.

Luckily I created all my webpages using the user-friendly frontpage application and so all pages are with backups … including my blog. While I’m still migrating them to an online blog server, pls take a last stroll thru my personal lane …

http://welcome.to/yixuan (pls note the frequent encoder is BIG5)

I’m thinking of printing them out and have them binded up for remembrance purpose. You may think I’m crazy but nothing is impossible ^_*

new blog space which is still under ‘renovation’ https://yixuanpm.wordpress.com/

Do continue to support me ^___*

Updated as of 29 Nov 2009

Geocities website had completely closed down. The new blog space is up and running now. 🙂

Migrating Time

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