I din know of the existence of Crystal Jade HK Cafe along liang seah rd until Cat recommended this for our dinner tonite.

set menu d S$9.80

pork chop baked rice

big bowl of minestrone and a simple dish salad

additional 50cts for yuan yang

set menu b S$10.80

kong bao chicken craypot rice with salad and a selected drink

additional order

rice roll with sesame sauce S$3.30

The food was basically acceptable. Yuan yang was nice but I was too full to finish up all.

We were both not in the mood to try much food as both of us were extremely tired tonite.

Cat had been rushing thru reports overnite without getting any sleep and left for work tis morning. And wat went worse was she din had any meal during the day too.

While me, I had been ‘OT-ing’ for the past few days working on itinerary 😛

But we specially arranged this dinner for her to collect something from me and yet we forgotten about it, only to remember after we were both on the way back hm at different directions.

We were WAY TOO TIRED … @_@


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