Dare Devil Trip

I have been ‘living’ around Mongkok, Tsim Sha Tsui, Sheung Wan, Central, Wanchai (so on …) for the past week+ … running mad round the maps, doing up my itinerary for the coming trip … except Wed where I was too tired to continue after the dinner … and I fell sick tat nite 😦

Despite recuperating during the 2 days medical leaves, I was still working on it which was finally done … I hope.

Perfectionist or not I’m not too sure … but I’m sure I ‘had’ to do a ‘good job’ since I will be leading the other 4 HK/Macau 1st timers. Hmm … kinda ‘stress’ cos one dunno how to read chinese characters but know how to speak cantonese, one know how to read and speak both chinese and cantonese but dun really know how to read maps (read ocean park map alone oso take so long **faint**).

These 2 are fine actually … but the 2 others are ‘worse’ … strangers I had never met before (parents of Ms Sotong) @_@

I dunno if they can survive the walking trails I had planned … though Ms Sotong had promised me they could withstand such. But u see, they were so used to driving around their towns/cities in msia. And Ms Sotong who ever promised to support me all the way during the June Foodie Trip ended up backing off halfway down the trail as she had ‘heat stroke’ sign 😦 I thought my stamina was poorer than her wor o_O

Anyway I cun consider so much … big head liao … I hope I can see miracles 😀

There are many places I had been before … almost repeated in every trip … cos 1st trip there, I was a 1st timer, 2nd trip there, there were 2 1st timers, and now … 4 1st timers. But this time round, I planned in a way that half the itinerary involved places I had never been before and had very much wanted to go during the last trip in 2006.

Kinda ‘challenging’ for me actually cos the new places involves new rides … take public bus la, take tram la, take ferry la … and of cos not once BUT MANY TIMES!!!!

Ok, just stay tune to my HK/Macau 2009 trip ‘report’ upon my return … if I’m fast enough 😛

Dare Devil Trip

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