Soup Restaurant @ JP

We gathered here today in celebration of 小妹 and BIL-A’s bds.

Pu Tien is going to open a branch just next door; if only they were opened 😦 …

Soup Restaurant (‘elder’ sister of Dian Xiao Er) was famous for their samsui chicken and since the last we came here was near 10yrs ago for celebrating mother’s day, we decided to approach the nearest mall to suit the inconvenient preggies of our grp.

samsui ginger chicken – place a slice of chicken meat with a little bit of ginger onto a pc of lettuce, wrapped them up together and then pop into ur mouth … mmm ^___^

chili kang kong – norm but nice

stir fried venison – flavorful dish; nicest of the lot

craypot tofu – too starchy

hometown fried fish belly – same as the stir fried venison

where we ‘rest’ for a glass of drink

whao! my childhood sweets!!!

Soup Restaurant @ JP

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