Dian Xiao Er @ CWP

It’s 大妹’s birthday in another 3 days time.

This branch was so much smaller. We were ushered in to one of the 3 big tables.

Other than the duck roasted with ten wonder herb and kankong with belacan which I tried before, we ordered the mongolian pork ribs, hotplate toufu and fish slice something (receipt not with me liao), all very flavoury delicious and wiped out in no time.

The other table which were filled with china national customers were having a great time there before we came and till we left. Dishes were served to them non stop. So you can imagine how good the food were 😀

We were very surprised when we were told of a 20% discount for our table upon making payment.

Ya! We have 2 “老” (old) and 1 “幼” (kid) from our table. Din expected this though 😛

After browsing around CWP, we settled down at the kopi alley for coffee break before we set off to 大妹’s hse.

Clever 小王子 could now memorised the whole of the richard scarry’s counting vcd. My memorising means every single words from the vcd which includes exclaimings and other sounds made from the characters. So funnie lor him … but of cos loh … watch this for a yr liao @_@

greenery along BKE

Dian Xiao Er @ CWP

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