New Mall In Town 2009 : ION & Watami Dinner

Just few days before, we received an email on the opening of Watami in the new mall of the yr, ION. So here we were.

ION, new mall of the yr

long queues outside all restaurants

We were finally led in after approx. 20mins of waiting in the queue. But we were soon shocked to see so many empty and cleaned tables around after we passed the passage way. So dunno was it they trying to follow the queue trend in ION, or not enough staffs around to led the way in -_-”

Best part was … they gave us a long table enough for 6pax when they could jolly well give us the 4-seaters table nearby. So when there came a family of 6, a 2-seaters table beside was combined to that 4-seaters table for them. Wat a weird management and waste of space @_@ The queue was still very long as we left the restaurant too.

only 1st 20 customers daily for 30 days … so we wun have the chance lor …

Our orders came in quite ‘fast’ at first. As we were waiting for the rest of our orders, we heard some commotions behind us. We could clearly hear their complaints of having to wait for their 5 nabe orders (individual hotpots) from the time (7.05pm) the orders were taken down till then (7.50pm) and yet none has arrived. (We realised ours hasn’t arrive too.) And after their numerous reminders, they were still served with wrong orders.

I could understand cos a hungry man is an angry man.

So back to ours. Our kimchi nabe arrived after theirs … which we wondered whether it was one of the wrong orders of theirs @_@

The supposedly 1st dish (salad) to be served on every dining arrived last instead after we asked to check order and have it cancelled away should it not be ready to serve.

teriyaki chicken nama harumaki (S$6.80)
teriyaki chicken salad spring roll
the taste of the chicken pc was covered fully by vege

mochi cheese gratin (S$5.80)
rice cake cheese gratin
the only dish we like

teppan bou gyoza (S$6.80)
hotplate pork dumplings
nothing special

kushi moriawase (S$9.80)
assorted skewers platter
disappointing … esp the chicken meat which seems to have been boiled before they were put on grill … no marinating taste at all!!!

crispy teba karaage (S$3.80)
crispy chicken wings
it seems like the marinating process failed for this too …

kimchi nabe (S$11.80)
sliced pork hot pot with kimchi
flavour not strong enough … it tasted more like fermented vege soup

tako satsuma age (S$5.80)
crispy fish patty with octopus
tasted like those thai fish cakes … not bad thought

ebi tempura (S$9.80)
deep fried prawns coated with tempura flour
the batter was too much … we had to remove the batter away which only left with a skinny prawn meat after that

ebi & hotate mayo salad (S$7.80)
prawn & scallop salad with mayonnaise
we almost going away without having this served up cos it took us to finish our whole course to receive this
if u noticed, the plastic tongs was placed right on top of the salad with mayonnaise around O_O
the taste was nothing to shout about too … cos maybe we got too frustrated by then

Total damage = S$80.30 (after svc charge and gst)

Reminders for refill of tea/water may be common in some restaurants, but if asking for bill oso @_@ … We simply wanted to get out of the place.

Wat an unpleasant experience we had here. I doubt we will come back again.

We unanimously agreed that spending at mac would worth more than the dinner earlier on -_-

should have taken these exclusive ones at shaw centre instead 😦

Anyway despite the delay caused by our dinner, we managed to made a short recce around ION before we settled down at mac.

burger king! so stylish yo!

New Mall In Town 2009 : ION & Watami Dinner

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