Pre-BD Tai Tai Day

the feeling was so good during non-peak period …

I was ‘supposed’ to treat 大妹 on the lunch and pedicure. But since we will be treating her officially next sun (nearer to her bd), she decided we go dutch on this lunch.

Xin Wang @ Cineleisure

constructions beside cineleisure had blocked away the once a greeny view from the window. **sigh**

chicken chop & fries (S$8.50)
i thought i wanted to order something different instead of always going for pork rib bee hoon
but this was a great disappointment … hard and not savory …

prawn paste chicken (S$6.90)
inferior prawn paste? tasted kinda of funny. the chicken pcs were cold too. another disappointment 😦

ying yong / iced hk milk tea / iced macau coffee
the other 2 were commonly ordered and so I tried the iced macau coffee … taste like kopi-si … not bad

french toast (S$3.90)

curry roti prata (S$4.90)
potato cubes were hard and tasted raw. even though it was just a gravy for prata to be dipped with, but the curry was way too diluted. prata was cold and tasted more like those from supermkt ready made pack.

pork rib bee hoon (S$7.90)
something which is always that good

With the member’s bd mth, we received 10% disc plus a bottle of red wine. Renewing of the card allowed us to less out a drink cost and S$15 disc too. Ok la … though my lunch was disappointing, all these disc kinda made up to it.

New malls coming up along orchard road. We din not explore orchard central cos it wasn’t fully ‘equipped’ yet.

Arrived @ PS

Since we were allowed to bring snacks in while we had our pedicure, we decided to grab the yummy nicey yami yogurt. And this sotong 小妹 kept misunderstood my request of getting a peach flavour one and ordered natural flavour with peach toppings instead @_@ But heng she finally got it rite with 大妹’s help.

Ay … is preggie always like dat … blur yet insisted? 😀

We ended up with free pedicure from 大妹’s package. BTW they were having GSS promotion for signing up their package at S$300+ … which I preferred to save that up for my niece-to-be ^_*

My lousy dry foot cost me 29 bucks more for the ‘special’ treatment … arghhhh ….

Since 大妹 went on a different way hm, 小妹 and I decided to take the free shuttle to TBP … shortened our trip hm with no hassle. Good good! ^__*

the shuttle bus passed by my poly days’ trails!
wat used to be the times hse, row of terraced hses and my campus back then were now replaced with tall condos.
someday i will re-walk these trails again …

Lai Lai @ JP2

We thought they only sell beef noodles (as misled by the signboard) until we browsed thru their menu before we decided our dinner here.

my taiwan vermicelli set (S$11.80) with choice of pig intestine toppings
as compared to the shilin’s one, the vermicelli here seemed thicker but flavour not as strong

my choice of side dish included in the set … century egg tofu and cold jasmine green tea
just a normal cold dish but not too bad …

小妹’s choice of Lai Lai special spicy soup noodle (S$7.80) with choice of fried fish fillet toppings
like very oily leh 😛

BIL-A’s choice of braised pork rice with peanut (S$5.90) with additional S$1 for a braised egg
enjoyable set for him he said …

fried squid (S$5.50)
not too bad. the batter was rather crispy and squid itself not too hard to chew.

BIL-A’s additional order of the red bean freeze (S$3.90) and he enjoyed every bits of it very much … quietly ^_~

Went in to some creative shops along that stretch after dinner.

Strong inspiration from this shop floating in my mind now … hmm … ^_*

Pre-BD Tai Tai Day

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