Crab Bee Hoon Soup @ TPP

It was EN who 1st tried it. Everyone gave an envy look back then. But being a slow eater, savoring a dish like this with 1 full crab was never easy. Moreover when there are fast eaters around … and not only 1 but 2.

When BS started ordering hers for the 1st time, I was very tempted to try too cos both told me how good the dish was.

So one fine day … today la … I finally ordered 1 for myself =P

I thought without the 2 fast eaters around, BS and I could enjoy ourselves to it. But who knows today’s order came rather slow. By the time it arrived, we were left with less than 30mins for lunch (not forgetting that it takes about 10mins walk back to office).

Nevertheless, it was a very savory dish.

Though I cun dig up all the meat from every corners of the crab, I could still taste the freshiness and sweety from the crab. It wasn’t a big crab but would do just fine on a noodle dish.

The fish soup base used tasted just like those from the fishhead steamboat. The yam cubes, cabbages, carrots and evaporated milk together with the sweetiness of the crab contributed to the flavoury taste.

They do sell fried/fresh fish slices bee hoon soup too. Bascially, they are from a new seafood zi char stall located inside the newly renovated with new management coffeeshop located on the 2nd level of Tanjong Pagar Plaza.

Go try it! ^_*

Crab Bee Hoon Soup @ TPP

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