Ms Sotong’s BD @ Shokudo Bugis

I’m back here again! But this time with a different grp cos we were here to treat Ms Sotong for her bd.

I had initially booked a table at my fren’s restaurant, but due to circumstances, the venue was changed. I managed to joi EN along too! ^_*

We sat in the restaurant from 6.30pm and were about to venture to other places when BS, who had been trying to reach us for an hr, said she could join us after she settled her work, and so we eventually stayed till 10pm :-O … too bad SK cun join us at the eleventh hr.

We were told that all 3 of them (雷门, JJ and BS) called to our hps simultaneously and yet none of us picked up the calls … cos we were too engrossed with our gossips …hahaha… So when EN suddenly realised that it was time for her to take a look at her hp for any work related calls, we were shocked by the nos. of missed calls =P

JJ couldn’t wait and so left on the bus by the time we managed to return her call … kekeke … Only BS continued to stay in the office then 😀

sakura ebi and bacon salad (S$8.80)
the bacons were still ok but I dun quite like the japanese baby shrimps which tasted rather fishy, … will be better without that

hakodate seafood cheese pizza (S$12.80)
pizza bread than never failed me … and finally I can choose seafood one =D

seafood avocado carbonara spag (S$14.80)
EN’s – wafu base were the same for all cheese spag.
din really try much so cun catch any hint of avocado in it

tsukune carbonara spag (S$12.80)
meatballs tasted too porky to me … though BS and YT enjoyed theirs much

arabiki tori cheese spag (S$14.80)
mine – sausages are my all-time fav. and so usually any dish that goes with them I wun reject.

yuzu tea (S$4.80)
honey pamelo tea … cold and hot equally nice … soothing to the throat and comfy to the gastric 😛

Toilet trip before we set off hm … but ended with all these …

Wat a crazy MONDAY NITE!!!!


JJ was finally back from her 1wk HK/Macau trip … and bought back my fav Maxim’s almond flake pastries.

forever delicious and crunchy
1st try on lemon flavour one which tasted like our childhood’s sandwiched-cream cookies ^___^

She bought me a cute little hello kitty hankie while SK who was oso back from her bali trip had bought me a hardrock shot glass to add on to my collections … thks bth ya! v(^___^)

Ms Sotong’s BD @ Shokudo Bugis

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