New Mall In Town 2009 : Iluma @ Bugis

We arranged this dinner solely to meet up with LC who was going to make a major decision to quit her present job which she had stayed on for 8 yrs for a better pasture. Such decision isn’t easy for ppl like us with family commitments.

And in order to find out more of the company thru a known friend there before she accepted the offer, she postponed this dinner with us at the last hr. But becos it wasn’t easy to have WW to join us for dinner, we went ahead without her this round.

So here we were at Shokudo again, … aiming different dishes of cos!

shokudo caesar salad (S$8.80)
still a better choice … cos Cat dun take seafood …

iced apple vinegar (S$5.80)
the vinegar sounds like any sour drink … but it tasted just like zapple with more sourish sense … and of cos apple slices to eat =P
not suitable for anyone with weak gastric though I feel …

Cat & MZ’s order – salmon butter ikura (S$15.80)
nicely grilled salmon which came quite a big portion despite serving with wafu creamy spaghetti
as usual, I took away all the salmon roe … nice mixing with mine =P

teriyaki chicken cheese pizza (S$10.80)
the crispy and yummy base as usual doesn’t fail us. teriyaki chicken still tasted as good.

tori katsu carbonara (S$14.80)
that’s mine! O_O wat a big serving?!! I had to ‘throw away’ some to the rest =P
the batter was of cos soften abit but still taste as good … and filling too …

WW’s order – grilled chicken curry rice (S$14.80)
I have never like japanese curry cos they were always served cold and sweet.
this was however different. I could taste some spiciness in it and it was served warm.
the portion was scary too … cos it came with a whole pc of grilled chicken … just like those from any chicken chop’s order

This time round I was clever enough to stop any further orders rite from the beginning cos I knew we would somehow be ‘stuffed’ full to the rim 😛

It was a good decision to take a walk before we settled down for drinks and chat.

And since WW rarely come out to shop, we brought her over to Iluma … cos me myself haven’t stepped into this newly opened mall yet.

so fast on wiki liao …
the sight along this road on the verge to change after bridging is done

I dunno if this was the architect’s idea but I see waves or water ripples in the design.

having great sales on shoes here

I had always like this kind of victorian decorative shop/boutique

rest places are everywhere

eateries level @ L4

cinema and arcade centre @ L5

overall view of L4

little details were taken care of too … so kawaii and candies like

Though had opened for 3mths+, there are still some shops under renovations. I do hope to see some creative shops, rather than having repeated shops that appeared in almost all the malls in spore.

After hanging around the mall for an hr, we returned back to bugis junction for TCC.

iced kaffello latte (S$7.50) / ultimate hazelnut frappe (S$7.90) / frosty bailey (S$13.80) / choco tango (S$7.90)

I had wanted to order the blue mountain coffee or something hot, but WW said might as well go to coffee shop **diao diao** And so I ordered frosty bailey instead 😀

New Mall In Town 2009 : Iluma @ Bugis

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