Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen

It was a hot day (when not hot u tell me) but luckily we were at vivo for the whole day … eat and watch movie then eat again =P

And when I told some guys I’m going to watch Transformer movie this weekend, they were so surprised cos they dun expect me, a lady to watch such ‘boyish’ movie. Well, I came from the era where I watched transformers … cartoons. And not to mention 80s cartoons like MASK, Master of the Universe … blah blah blah. I am still looking for thunder hawk toy too 😛

Ok so much about the boyish hobby of mine 😀 … Just at the beginning of the movie, my 1st comment to Shaoye was, “cartoon one not like dat leh” … Cos I never know that the story of such was to make Transformers to live in harmony with humankind. And they have force task that deal with them too. They were like aliens but with human’s hearts. Ya … maybe becos I din watch the 1st part to accept that fast from the beginning 😛

Nevertheless, this was a great movie! The transforming effect was great too! Which was why I enjoyed the movie so much.

Other than Apollo 13 (1995) and Dante’s Peak (1997), this could probably be the 3rd movie that made me gone so excited till I crushed my pack of pop corns out of shape which stayed in tight fist all the while until my hand was numbed 😛 … most probably due to the coldness in the cinema too. **shivering **

And the ‘side effect’ after this movie was … easily suspicious of any vehicles that might belonged to the Decepticon forces in the past 😛

— Before movie —

lunch @ dian xiao er with NL, R, EK and PL

1st time savoring their food. I would say … will definately return for more!!!

honey plum juice
very refreshing … soothing to the throat

duck roasted with ten wonder herb (small – S$12.80)
“for ppl who are prone to nervousness will benefit from its calming effect”
I dunno how calming it had done to us but we all enjoyed this dish 🙂
soft and fresh. not as salty as those served in most restaurants.
but heard they said WCP branch served tastier

braised mushroom in chinese wine (small – S$10.80)
more like a vegetarian dish. starchiness was just nice and easy to bite (not that I have no teeth :P). but no hint of wine though.

kankong with belacan (small – S$7.80)
soft and savory. the belacan used din make the dish too salty. nice!

— After movie —

dinner @ modesto’s with 9 pax

The last I went was at the orchard parade branch. This branch was however cosier … or I should say more localised and with nicer view.

Most importantly we were here to treat Shao Ye for his coming birthday.

warm and nice complimentary breads

insalata mista (S$11.50)
appetizing dish … healthy ones with olives plus vinegar and virgin olive oil

alette di pollo (S$14.50)
deep-fried marinated chicken wings which was similar to that found at hm.
a bit chao-dar-ed but tasted crispy and ‘juicy’ … though ex for just 5 pcs of ‘chopped up’ wings.

calamari fritti (S$17.50)
batter was light

funghi regular (S$20.50)
tomato, cheese, sauteed shiitake and button mushrooms

amatriciana regular (S$19.50)
tomato, cheese, pork bacon and onions

SPF was having a roadshow nearby and I took this pix there 😛

it’s proven … helmet doesn’t suit me … hahaha …

And we stopped by PCC for a drink eventually. This time round I tried the hot one. And comparing both, I still prefer the chill version.

spicy mango latte

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen

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