Japanese Gourmet Town & Pacific Coffee Company @ Vivo

Much talk about this restaurant over some food blogs and today we were here to try out since we cun find the restaurant the other day 😛

All along I thought the word “town” simply means a kind of concept that works like those of a foodcourt or places like marche where diff regions of their gourmet came together under a big restaurant.

To our surprise, it was no other than any restaurant around. Though the interior was nicely decorated, with ‘nice’ view of sentosa island, the menu was rather disappointing with limited varieties. And I thought I could find hokkaido ramen in the menu … all they have of theirs were curry cuisine.

botejyu salad (S$8.80)
not too bad but pretty normal. just the usual japanese taste of salad.

Cat’s scallop ramen (S$11)
generous serving with flavoury soup base. the scallop was sweet and chewy.

my ton toro ramen (S$12)
same too. ton toro tasted just like charsiew.

pork okonomiyaki (S$12.80)
the combi of dark sauce, mayo, pork meats, cabbages into making this pancake was tasty
but the serving was too big and thick for 2 to consume (more like it was enough for 4 or more) and kinda of sick as it goes.

2 hot green tea was chargable at a dollar each. After svc charge and gst, the total sum came up to S$54.85. Cat handed $55 over and intended to give an additional 5cts coin to the cashier so that she could get rid of it and received a 20cts coin as change instead … but was totally rejected.

Reason being … they dun accept 5cts coin.

Huh?! Wat is this man! And why did they return with 15cts then? If they dun accept 5cts coin, then why dun they round up or down to the nearest tens?

Was it becos of her poor mental sum, or she knew 5 cent coin is no longer minted** soon? Kinda hilarious man!
** 5 Cent is still circulating and minted as per MAS web

I was away taking pix around and din know about it after she complained to me.

vivocity drummer boys in sight!

Cat rarely arrived early, and so by the time the dinner ends, most shops were near closing hr. Even though we had time to browse thru them at last hr, we could hardly had enough time to chat over a cup of drink.

She was unusually early today and so after having our dinner and browsing around the shops, it hadn’t even reach 8pm and we had settled down for a cup of drink at pacific coffee company.

The only time I tried PCC’s drink was while waiting for the gate to open at the airport. So today was my 2nd time to patron their cafe.

When one is early, there are lots of seats to choose from. We managed to find a nice sofa spot. The atmosphere was so cosy that both of us almost fell asleep after our drinks and dessert =P

promotion for the mth: Spicy Mango Passionfruit Chillino
sweet and sourish with slight hint of pepper which was to our likings

tiramisu cake
soft and yummy with alcohol taste

Wat a relaxing nite! ^____^

Japanese Gourmet Town & Pacific Coffee Company @ Vivo

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