Mdm Tan’s Nasi Lemak @ Maxwell

After sending an email on the newly opened Mdm Tan’s Nasi Lemak at Maxwell FC, some of us decided to give it a try today since we decided to head down to maxwell for lunch.

Tables nearby were fully covered with foods ordered from this Mdm Tan’s stall. We thought it must be nice so 雷门, JJ and me decided to patron theirs while the rest went to other stalls instead.

There wasn’t much selections to choose cos they seemed to have been wiped out before we arrived. 2 other staffs were busy replenishing the food, while an auntie served us.

雷门 ordered the set with signature crispy porks initially but after seeing the quantity of the meat, he switched into a set with chicken wing instead.

While waiting for our orders, 雷门 asked the auntie who Mdm Tan was. And to our surprise, it was actually a young lady who was busy frying and replenishing behind the stall. But I have my doubts though.

this is the set with signature crispy porks.
it was really crispy and q, but was a pathetic sight for a S$3.50 (cun rmbr the cts) dish with no cucumbers nor ikan bilis or peanuts.

same sight goes for the set with chicken wing. the chicken wing was cripsy and juicy too but a little small.

Their nasi bring out strong aroma of coconut mixed with pandan even as u eat them. But still, I would prefer more small side items for the price of S$3+.

Noticed 2 different kinds of chili paste (sweet nasi lemak chilli and sambal chilli with belachan) which I wondered why for such small serving.

Tables at the FC could at most accomodate up to 6 pax per round table, and so we oftenly arrange lunch here when we had ‘lesser’ kakis. It was difficult to find a suitable round table today and so without choice we had to “面壁思过” 😦

sour plum drink @ S$1 was nice and quenched our thirst under the hot weather

Though hot, but the weather is nice for photo takings 😀

I like to walk along this path cos not only it’s broad, it is shaded too! Windy at times ^___^


updated on 11 Aug, Mon

Just as I had wanted to mention here that the display stated as S$2.50 for their basic set after bypassing their stall again last week, I received an email from Mdm Tan herself this afternoon … truly the younger lady as per mentioned above 🙂

I guess my review on “a pathetic sight” must have saddened her cos it came as an email with nice geature from her … and reassuring that they have changed supplier which promised a bigger WING.

I had actually made a search online before this email and had read the many good reviews received. So with or without the email, I had decided to give it another try some day … esp on other dishes.

I’m not the ‘greedy’ type and so I may just appeared as a norm customer ^_*

Thks Shen 🙂

Mdm Tan’s Nasi Lemak @ Maxwell

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