Wat A Morning To Start Work With

My day started off with heavy rain in the morning.

Cool though but troublesome 😦

When I was out of the station, while arriving at the tunnel way, camera flashings caught my attention. Camera man with heavy duty equipments were seen. Girls in safari attires were standing at the bottom of the staircase distributing this.

But as I looked further, some weird looking ‘creatures’ were walking around in the tunnel. They were dressed according to the characters from the sketches in the guidebook, where ‘human’ heads were ‘replaced’ by ‘animal’ heads. Goose pimples developed in such early hr man!

Someone from their team invited some pedestrians to their bus which was parked outside.

Bus that would bring us to a scary place? I was thinking @_@

I was wondering wat was this promotion all about until I opened the guidebook.

condom?! shouldn’t be rite? so open-minded meh?

chey! …

But I must say it was a good promotion cos I have never know of the existence of this product … though some of my colleagues seen it before.

And I like their 1st paragraph …

true enough man! ^___*

Wat A Morning To Start Work With

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