Element @ Amara Hotel

We were invited for a buffet dinner treat at Amara’s Element tonite. The last time we received a treat from them was 3 yrs ago. That guy had gone to concorde hotel for some yrs. Heard the oysters there were super … am still waiting for a treat from him (^__*)

I was telling myself to take a bit from every dish and here they goes …

the chef suddenly placed such a big plate of salmon sashimi on our table

the fried bb squids and prawn salad were so yummy that had us returned for more

this mth promotion: black pepper crabs … which meat went too soft,
maybe becos they placed them onto the big dim sum steamer inorder to keep them warm.
the black pepper was good though.

We were too full to try other desserts and cakes. A pot of green tea came at the right time …

Overall, their food were fresh and good. It was one of the good buffets I like.

And we had a great time chatting … nonsenses 😛

Element @ Amara Hotel

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