China Square Fried Fish Soup (Blanco Court)

This is one of the lunching places where we frequented.

This Blanco Court Kim Kee Fried Fish Soup used to be located at Blanco Court before moving to China Square Food Centre. But with the closing down of the food centre early last yr, they eventually moved into Tanjong Pagar Exchange, which was the one we patronized.

The queue is always long during lunch hr, but it moves fast cos there are more than one cook in their opened concept kitchen. The only hindrance will be getting seats, esp when we were always in a grp.

However, the aunties who clear tables are very attentive and will help to keep a look out for suitable table too. If need be, the boss will help out as well. If he saw any table of 4 seats with a patron waiting for the partner to return with their orders, he would approach him/her asking whether it will be ok to move to the other table of 2 seats, in a friendly way throughout. This is one kind of customer services which is rare nowsaday, esp under this kind of eating environment.

Maybe that is why even though we are a big lunch grp, we would still like to head here for a meal sometimes.

tom yum fish slice bee hoon soup (S$5.00)

It was the kind which one can be addicted to cos it was soooo appetiting. Sourish and choky taste from the tom yum simply cun stop u from finishing up the whole soup, yet not losing the freshy taste from the fish slices.

side note: there was another super yummy tom yum fish slices soup 2 streets away ^_*

fried fish soup with rice (S$5.50)

As can be seen, the soup is clear even though there are well beaten fried eggs and fried fresh fish slices. Other than those, u can easily find small tau hu cubes, lettuce, tomatos and even bitter gourds. And unlike other fish soup, this came with a lighter taste. Evaporated milk is added only on seperate request, remember this oh!

Any order that goes with rice will incurr additional 50cts. So meaning, if u ordered fried fish bee hoon soup, it only cost u S$5.

There is a sambal sotong dish which I like too. Will write on that after my next visit ^_*

China Square Fried Fish Soup (Blanco Court)

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