Sustainable Environmental Belief

I’m packing again … constantly though 😛

I love to keep things. But as item gets more and more, I realised I had basically ran out of space. And soon it’s obstructing me from buying things I fancied at the 1st sight nowsaday.

So the only way to solve it will be … to either give away or to use it.

In my sustainable environmental belief, I started giving these away … since we have switched into more suitable ones for our skin. But of cos, expiry date is taken care of.

We used to (and now too) receive keychains as a form of souvenir from friends or family members who returned from their trips. I used to collect them of cos. But as more and more ppl could afford to travel, such thingy became a nuisance.

How many keys could one own? How many keychains could easily wear off?

They were soon items which traveller bought for the sake of “shutting” one’s mouth … if u know wat I meant. But of cos there are ppl who really gave it much thought … (whether the taker will like it or not) … before buying. You could see (feel) the sincerity when u received it.

And so for me, I would just tell them to enjoy their trip and dun buy me anything … unless I have a shopping list 😛

Today I decided to dig this out to replace the 14yrs old cup coaster which I had been using on my comp desktop.

received this during 04 xmas
the someone, do u still remember this? (^_*)

Sustainable Environmental Belief

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