35cts Soya Bean Drink

It all started with me forwarding an email titled “Mr. Bean – Soya drink @ 50% disc”.

Everyone started talking about saving la, buy from which place even cheaper la… All conversations stopped in the early morning.

And all the while, someone had been very quiet … until after lunch …

AC: Toa Payoh must take MRT there $1.30 back $1.30. Total the chwee cost $3.10…

Me: U just wake up?

AC: Err..talking abt chwee right? ½ price one? But Toa Payoh got 50 cent one? But Toa Payoh must talk MRT there mah… I wake up already…

My goodness! Such a ‘good’ composed email sent by a ‘manyzer’ @_@

Me: U sure u are awake liao mah? “But Toa Payoh must talk MRT there mah…

AC: My talking very power … i TALK thing will move … otherwise how to sit blue chair (‘manyzer”s chair colour is diff) … talk loud loud win already … work and never talk pp don’t know … talk and never work pp know … haha

And then few rounds of emails went on and stopped.

But I soon got a shock … cos out of a sudden, he stood beside me … continuing with this soya bean thingy … saying he could get nice organic one as cheap as 35cts which we thought it was meant for a joke.

He left after the ‘joke’ … but soon returned back, giving me another shock … cos he hold this out from behind me @_@

smooth and no after taste … very much tasted like the SOBE one which I used to enjoy …

Since 听者有份, 雷门 and JJ received a bottle each too.

After asking him where he bought his 35cts soya bean drink, below was wat he replied.

“35cent drink cannot guarantee safe….so drink at your own risk pls tell the other 2 I don’t cover hospital and death”


We checked and confirmed they were within expiry …

35cts Soya Bean Drink

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