Stroll @ JP

While waiting for the new stove to come, we had to ta-bao or eat out these few days.

We decided to head off to bento box for our dinner.

sashimi and beef set (S$9.90)

tempura and chicken set (S$9.90)

salmon, kara, pork set (S$12.90)

ramen with pork (S$8.90)
the fried pork chop was separated out … nice gesture …

ramen with chicken (S$8.90)

agedashi tofu (S$5)

softshell crab (S$8.90)

My 2nd time here actually. The above were nothing to shout about. Just a meal lor … so u guess la 😛

Concept was just like any foodcourt/fastfood restaurant, with exception that orders were delivered to us instead. Only gst but no service charge, ok la.

Just before the dinner, we were surprised to see the couple whom we used to patronise their shop regularly and bought our korean and tvb drama set from. That was like … 6 yrs ago? Time flies … and they had 2 kids now. Actually I din know that they were already a couple back then 😛

The Ah Boy (妈咪 always called him that) was the one who called out to us. Only 小妹 recognised him while the rest still having question marks floating on top of them.

Wat made the world even smaller is … the Ah Boy and BIL-A was old-time neighbours. This couple happened to stay in the same vinicity too! Wah sey! :-O

Soon it was time for a drink break.

is this a HK cafe or Spore cafe?

nice classy interior … spacious but seems empty …

But we have never seen a menu which was as torn as theirs … even those that they displayed out infront of their cafe. We feedbacked to the staffs and they simply smileeeeee …

hot and cold yuan yang (S$2.80 ea.) … not bad la …

french toast which tasted ok

As we were mainly here for some drinks, all I could say was it was a very average cafe. And of cos there are better ones around. But if anyone hanker for food in the middle of the nite, and happened to stay nearby, it wasn’t a bad place to visit cos they open 24hrs.


Now back to the stove thingy …

As expected, that sales auntie called 爹地 the day before that there wasn’t any stock available and so cun delivery anything to us. She told him to head down directly to akira for placing other order instead. Oh ya, I forgotten to mention, she said she isn’t the promoter for akira in best denki. No one from best denki could help 爹地 even when he went down personally trying to take down some measurements. All they could ‘help’ was to tell him that sales staffs from akira start work at 3pm.

Dun u think it’s ridiculous?! Wat customer service was it all about then?! So our trip down to choose on sun was a wasted trip?! I just couldn’t believe it!

So without choice, he had to source for others, heading down to Alexandra Village and Jalan Besar after seeing advertisements from newspapers.

Anyway, I left all decisions to him cos I was too angry with this whole thing. All I want is SAFETY!!!

Stroll @ JP

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