New Toys New Knowledge

Ever since I bought my 1st set (though still lack of 2 to complete) of simple ‘treasures’ at 大傻, I would oftenly browse thru those shelves full of rough makings ornaments for some surprises. And recently I found this …

I was attracted by the cute expression of Zhu Bajie and later the same expression from Tripitaka (Tang Sanzang). And inorder to complete the whole set of Journey to the West, I grabbed Sun Wukong … and Sha Wujing but in a dilemna.

when was Sha Wujing a … half DUCK?

A simple search on the net couldn’t gave me an answer until BIL-T told me that was the version from the japanese.

A further search led me to this, where someone mentioned about Kappa, one of the legendary creatures in japanese folklore, which was half duck, half fish.

And then I found this site which contained many kappa pix and sculptures found in japan.

I guess that was how study was all about. The search for neverending knowledge 🙂

New Toys New Knowledge

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