Cleanliness Awareness Lacking

While our neighbour wants to follow our lead in cleanliness and fighting graft, shouldn’t we continue to keep up with the role?

I was rather upset to see the increasing of such selfish acts appearing within my block in these recent yrs.

the mattresses were found at the staircase between 2 levels while the standing fan body part was found at a level down

While trying to keep ur hse clean, shouldn’t u be keeping ur estate and surroundings clean as well? How are u going to educate ur kids with this kind of attitude?

If I have the $$$$$, I would oso like to install cctv at every staircase, just like wat one of the neighbours below us did to their corridor.

Exaggerating maybe, but indeed, these ppl should be taught a lesson. Even if finings needed.

Well, an email has been forwarded to my Town Council. Hopefully the reply doesn’t disappoint me …

fingercross X

Cleanliness Awareness Lacking

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