Goodbye To Our Old Helper

It wasn’t the 1st time that I heard a big ‘pop’ sound coming from the kitchen. Luckily 妈咪 was alerted enough to stop the small fire while steaming the eggs back then. 爹地 thought he had amended the spoilt burner without realising how dangerous it would be should there be any chemical reaction between the ‘glue’ used for mending the burner when came in contact with the gas.

It was the 2nd time now and we simply couldn’t afford to risk our life continuing our family love for this 30yrs+ old helper. It was time to give up on ‘him’. But before that, I had to retain some good memories of ‘him’.

gas stove with oven integrated into

I was ‘bz’ taking care of 小王子 to see wat was eventually chosen. And so was surprised that we had placed an order without having to pay up 1st or even placing any deposit, cos just in case that design was out of stock upon delivery on coming fri, as per advise by the sales auntie. Wat a weird way of doing business. I was rather suspicious with this whole thing. But best denki being a big company, my worries may be unfounded.

After placing our orders, we proceeded to foodcourt for dinner before heading to giant for 大妹’s big necessities spree.

They were aiming at the free delivery by spending over S$200.

Goodbye To Our Old Helper

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