‘Dui’ Ah!

AFP – Thursday, June 11

JERUSALEM (AFP) – – A stash of cash landed in the trash when a woman in Israel dumped her mother’s mattress not knowing it was stuffed with the equivalent of about one million dollars.

Israeli media reported that the 40-year-old woman showed up at a garbage dump in a panic on Tuesday, looking for the valuable bedding.

She had bought a new mattress for her mother and, wanting the gift to be a surprise, threw away the old one. She then found out the decades-old mattress contained her mother’s life savings.

Workers are helping her search the garbage, but have found no sign of the cash so far.

Oh gosh! I can feel the ‘dui-ness’.

This tells us wat seems invaluable to u may be priceless to the others. But if u must dispose, pls check with the owner. Or should u give any surprise, pls be smart.

I had wanted to change my parents’ decades-old mattress since last yr. But I strongly believed that they do not have one million dollars stuffed inside ^___^

‘Dui’ Ah!

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