2008 RC Trip – 2D1N Trip to KL

Ya … I knew I was a bit … should be too late to get this posted 😛 (I still have 2007 Shanghai, 2008 Japan and Bangkok pending in my ‘records’)

So to cut thing short, I will let most of the pictures speak for themselves … hehehe …

16 Aug Saturday

A double-decker and single-decker coaches were catered for us. We were told to arrive earlier before the setting off time at 7pm. But a staff and his wife were still at hm when the committee member made the call to them. Irresponsible and ridiculous man! Anyway, we wasted near an hr just for them, and so only 2 seperated seats were left for them.

Traffic at the custom was as usual but on the move, so no extra delay for the whole journey.

A 30 mins break at Yong Peng

chicken ramly burger which didn’t live up to expectation
glutinous rice was nice but pricely at RM4.00
fried chicken which was still nice when cold

We finally reached KL toll after 5hrs of ride and had our 1st lunch somewhere 20mins away from where our hotel was. The dishes looked kind of appetising but not the taste.

Checking in to hotel finally. Grp pix taken before we dispersed off.


After settling down our luggages in less than 30mins, we set off to our 1st shopping pt, Sungei Wang Plaza, only dropping by Lot 10 where there wasn’t much to shop as compared to SWP.

I had wanted to try out those foodstalls at Jalan Alor but many were rather back off by any possible wet seats in this rainy day 😦 And so we returned to SWP for this Super Noodle House.

nicely brewed duck soup with preserved mustard
BS and I ordered 1 bowl to share, but it never came back after offering to the rest … and so we ordered another bowl @_@

Wat u see from here will looks similar … n taste similar too 😛

my fav braised chicken feet

I must say … they do served good food!

We had been walking a lot since we set off from the hotel. The only little boy that had been following was getting kinda impatient. But too bad, his mum insisted on following us.

After alighting at the nearest station to reach the KLCC, we made another 15mins walk just to take a pix of the magnificent building … since the shops where it was still a distance away would have been closed for the day by the time we walked over.


By then, the little boy’s mum finally flagged down a cab to return back to the hotel, while the rest of us took a stroll back instead, dropping by hard rock cafe and a convenience store along the way.

We usually din like to end our last nite so ‘early’. And so 7 of us gathered in the room shared between BS and me. And guess wat we ordered? 😛

soggy keropok lekor 😦

Since Ms Sotong is the only msian among us, she was given the task to made the phone order. But I think Ms Sotong had given back her melayu after staying in spore for so long @_@

The order took near 45mins to arrive, which by then we had became so sleepy. ho! ho! ho!

Though it was 1am+ by the time BS and I went to bed, we unknowingly chatted in our own bed for near 3hrs. =^_^= … too chatty liao …

barangs for the day

17 Aug Sunday

We were up and around for breakfast by 8am. No time to waste man! We had to leave hotel by 2.30pm.


And inorder not to waste anymore time finding our way to Times Square, we decided to have the KL gunu CO guiding our grp instead. Great man! cos she knew a shorter way to TS via SWP.


Any msian might think we were crazy cos we were actually planning to have KFC during our trip. And so we headed off to Pavilion. Well, it served differently from spore u see. And the chicken tasted differently too.

with meatballs soup too … whao!

Luckily we had checked out before we left for our last min shoppings, cos it seemed that the 2 coaches were waiting for us though we actually reached the hotel by the destined time.

We were led to another area about 20mins away from the hotel for local products spree. Though many of us had bought ours from TS, we still made some small purchases here.

The returning trip was rather a swift one and soon we reached Yong Peng again. Their crispy waffles and waffle with hotdog were nice.

Though the whole trip seemed to be in a big rush, but it was nevertheless a fulfiling and fun trip. I would love to return back … esp to savour the local delights at Jalan Alor 🙂

2008 RC Trip – 2D1N Trip to KL

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