Colourful Glasses

I have been collecting these every week and finally completed the whole set.

I have no absolute idea wat I want them for actually. There are more than enough glasses, mugs and cups in the hse, even to cater for a BIG party. So when I decided to buy the 1st one, 大妹 asked me wat I want them for. My answer was rather lame though … “when got guest and IF I feel like it, I can use it” … hahaha …

They released the olypmic set last yr during the jul-aug period, but I have no absolute interest in them at all, unlike this time. Maybe it was the colours that attracted me 🙂

I was thinking, if I were to own any small homely cafe, I will definately take them out to use 😛

dreamy thoughts …

saving … saving …

Colourful Glasses

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