Dining @ Vivo

I was early as usual than the both of them and so roamed around for quite some times before MZ appeared.

Stationery designs are getting more and more creative.

pushcart selling ice creams or cakes?
no … they are memopads.

packet drinks and snacks?
no … they are memopads too!

All these can be found at Page One. It’s Made In Singapore Bookstore. Got to support oh! ^_*

While waiting for Cat, we were ‘stucked’ at URS for almost an hr … just for expansion of a pair of shoes. BORED OH ~_~

Oyako Don (S$11.80)
Cat’s order – pan-fried chicken, served with egg in a rice bowl

Cha Soba (S$9.80)
MZ & my orders – just norm

Horenso Salad (S$8.80)
bacons belongs to salty side while garlic belongs to a kind of strong taste that bites …
when these 2 mixed with soy dressing … 1 word to describe … “salty” 😛

Chicken Teriyaki (S$8.80)
tasted not bad but rather overburn

Gyu Enoki Maki (S$3.60)
I ordered back this enokitake (golden mushrooms) wrapped with thinly sliced beef … they were mine cos both of them dun take beef.
the other 2 kushiyaki were wrongly served to us. luckily I only took pix and din touch them 😛

Sake Harasu (S$3.80)
this grilled salmon belly was nice on the whole

Ton Toro (S$2.40)
pork belly had more fatty meat and was served with mustard too … I would prefer lesser fats 😀

Dark Cherry Mocha Frappuccino
very rich coco taste plus dark sweet-dried cherries flavor … an enjoyable drink … just nice for a nice chat 🙂

Dining @ Vivo

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