Back To ‘School’!

We could see more and more old buildings and compounds given new life over the recent yrs. Maybe due to lack of new lands to develop, developers turned to these near abandoned places and transformed them as one of a kind lifestyle destination.

Dempsey for example used to be the old CMPB, and then office buildings under MHA, before they turned it into a lifestyle destination now.

Old School, situated atop Mt Sophia, where former Methodist Girls’ School once stood, somewhat received the same treatment, but was redeveloped more towards an arts hub.

Empty (class)rooms were available for gallery use or even small events. 小妹’s wedding was held at one of these event spaces.

There were many studios and design firms around. Interested in old & new local films? Sinema being the home for spore independent cinema & films is the place.

funnie laughing man sculpture … hahaha …

As far as I can see, there were only few restaurants around.

And so we were here this evening to try out dishes at one of the restaurants called The Chalk.

heard it used to be a laboratory

chalkboard revival!

clipboard to hold printed menu …

papers were reused too! thumbs up!

baguette and herb focaccia
complimentary breads which were served warm. nice to eat them even on their own.

beetroot – rocket and citrus salad with chèvre (marinated goat cheese) and pinenut (S$15)
i was 1st introduced to beetroot thru the famous NTUC slimming meal back yrs ago.
i think the dressing made the whole dish appetising …

confit of calamari (S$16)
we had no absolute idea wat was stuffed inside until CL made a search online
it had the “full to the rim” factor … might be due to the stuffed prawn mousse

aglio olio ($15)
I had wanted vongole but it was sold out or wat, and so ordered aglio olio peperoncino instead.
I would say there was no surprise except the nice display when served. I would still want to try vongole 😦

seafood gmocchi (S$27)
CL’s order – tasted like hakka signature dish, abacus 算盘子

duck confit w sweet potato mash (S$29)
NL’s order – super tender and nice … but the price O_O

dessert sampler (S$25)
if I ever return again, it will be the desserts that draw me back 😀
the service staff intro ‘them’ to us as he placed the dish down … he was proud of his works I guess : )
from left: crème brulee, sticky date pudding w butterscotch sauce that was best to go with ginger ice cream,
apple crumble to match cinnamon ice cream, while panna cotta with berry compote
ok! pls go try urself and u will know how heavenly they tasted 😛

Everything was at nett price. Including 3 drinks of S$5.50 each, total damage for this meal was S$143. Kinda ex … So the best ‘healing’ words to be used in such situation will be, “once in a blue moon” :p

We took a stroll around the premises after the dinner. It was a nice place but our pix didn’t do justice for it 😦

We planned to return back during the day so that we can take better and brighter shots of the food as well as the surroundings.

15 … 18 … 18 … 13 … 13 … 12 … 15 … 15 … not belonging to any toto grp but that’s the nos. of steps for each segment as we walked down the long darky staircase. There was a sign (which I forgotten to take) warning pedestrians of taking this path at own risk @_@

Having been to this place before, we were ‘clever’ enough to flag down a cab up from PS instead. But then to save cab fee (S$6-7), I would think 119 steps may be a good chance for some leg exercise =P … depending on hunger level though … kakaka …

CL bought nice dessert for us from da paolo gastronomia to try and so we went to mcdonald for MORE dessert 😛

super rich! yummy!
but it seemed too big a portion for such rich sweetie. best to share with more than 3ppl 😀

Back To ‘School’!

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