Gifts From Kyoto

BIL-T was finally back on mon from his 2mths long iatss forum in japan.

小王子 new wear from japan. Looks like a prison uniform … hahaha …

snacks for us …

mixed japan souvenir sweets … far too sweet :S

the famous Kyoto meibutsu (widely known as local product), Yatsuhashi.
sweetening is acceptable, unlike most japan souvenir sweets.

hello kitty oil blotters for me … added on to these.
he was shocked to see so many different kinds of oil blotters in japan … suaku hahaha 😛

… and these were among a big pack of mixed items selling at 100yen per BIG PACK!

… and this from uniqlo … definately cheaper than here … but are they selling this here too?

And a face scrub which was highly recommended by other lady participants. But it will only be delivered a mth later together with his toys via courier svc. Luggage overweight which I can understand 😛

Gifts From Kyoto

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