1st FRC Foodie Trip (Part 2) — Joo Chiat Walk Trail

After our MLK trip, we were still in the mood for more nyonya stuffs 😉

We thought of walking towards joo chiat rd from ECP mcd but it seemed a long walk, and so we decided to just share cabs down to katong mall and start from there.

It was a scotching hot afternoon … think around 34 degree :S EN, JJ & her pooh left us earlier midway down the trail, while the rest walked through. Ms Sotong had slight heat stroke symptom towards the end though (not used to spore long walk ba :P).

Well, you may have already guess right, the routes and foods were searched and planned by me. 1st-timer to joo chiat you see 😉

But as much as we wanted to try all the specialties there, our stomachs were just that small. And so other than our lunching at kim choo, we only bought back some snacks to try, and took numerous pix of the surroundings/sights and shops recommended in foodie blogs & guide.

this was the guide i bought few mths ago … before the planning of this trip 😉

kim choo

They started off with the selling of ba zhang (rice dumpling) in joo chiat before expanding into restaurant business.

appetizer ($2)

mini otah (fish of 10 – S$8)

babi pongteh (medium – S$12)

sambal kang kong (medium – S$10)

ngoh hiong (medium – S$12)

seafood toufu (medium – S$18)

ikan assam manis (medium – S$25)

nyonya chendol (S$3.50)

complimentary binka ubi

Overall rating wasn’t too bad especially for the nice peranakan feel upstairs … which we snapped non-stop with 😛

All in all we spent S$117.10 here, average about S$15 per pax, so still not too costly 😀

They sell take-away kuehs too, which separate shop located just next to their restaurant. I bought some hainanese kuehs, lemper udang and binka ubi back 🙂

rumah bebe

‘Bebe’s house’ it means. You can find peranankan beauties like sarong kebayas, bags and beaded slippers here. Or if you preferred to bead them yourself, they do conduct classes here too.

glory catering

It’s a place where you can find good spread of peranakan and malay dishes and kuehs.

matilda’s nonya kuih

Self-explained. They sell nyonya kuehs of course 😉

canton wok by chef kang

This standalone building used to be a humble family-styled restaurant serving a whole range of cantonese and local favourites.

I wasn’t sure if I had came here before. But it does looked familiar.


Traditional handmade baos can be found here.

the black earth art gallery 黑土地美術館

Guess wat?! It was opened by the owner of ho kee pau, in the effort to boost local painters and artists’ talents.

tasty bud

It was said to be opened by Chew Joo Chiat’s great-grand daughter, selling peranakan food and desserts.

spot on! 陈年卤水?? 😀

the five-foot way

The whole stretch of joo chiat rd was basically conserved, and thus you can still see strong historical and cultural charm on those pre-war and peranakan shophouses.

‘abandoned’ pre-war shophouses under ‘protection’

tai shek hai

They sell bamboo noodles, and raw noodles for take-away too.

Holding the map and printouts like any tourist, we detoured to koon seng and tembeling rd in search for an old bakery that served freshly baked breads and pastries, as well as an old and quaint provision shop, but all searchings in vain 😦

colourful peranakan houses at koon seng rd

over-exposed life-size board along the spiral stairscase. works like a scarecrow?

time for a rest and quench our thirst at the coffeeshop before we proceeded on …

nam san

They sell mackeral otah in banana leaf. We saw them bbq-ing some and so decided to grab some on the spot to try.

Their white fish (non-spicy) mackeral otah was surprisingly without fishy smell and taste, and it tasted better than the spicy one which i bought back home.

We were almost towards the end of our trail.

As we passed by tanjong katong complex, BS and SM started to reminisce how they used to come here for groceries buys and so on during the days when Yokoso store still existing (heard it was spore 1st japan store … not sure of the source though).

We came to an end of today’s foodie trip when we reached paya lebar mrt station.

Though weather was scotching hot, we were still able to have great fun snapping, laughing, and talking nonsenses throughout 😛

Anyway I’m glad that the 1st foodie trip organised by FRC committee chairman (yours truly ;)) ended successfully.

So when’s next? Which part of spore then? North, South, Central, West? We shall see 😉

Last but not least, time for some whitening job to be done 😉

1st FRC Foodie Trip (Part 2) — Joo Chiat Walk Trail

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