Swensen Again!

I thought she had never been to swensen before and so suggested a trip down to JP2 branch for dinner since I had 2 free $2 off vouchers and 1 complimentary coit tower jr (worth S$4.20) voucher. Though not too great a saving, but it did save down a bit on the ++ charges.

Ms Sotong came here few times but din take notice on the signboard @_@

signboards along this stretch was rather ‘scattered’, we went by the restaurant and yet we cun find it until we asked around

I ordered the promotional chili crab pasta (S$15.90)
softshell crabs, fried fish slices, crabmeat sticks … all my fav!!!!
tasty and steamy. how I wish they can put this permanently in their menu.
my craving for chili crabs started from here …

Ms Sotong’s 1st try on bake rice after my recommendation … chicken bake rice (S$11.50)
she love it n said will order other bake rice dish to try next time 😀

We ordered crispy veg mix to go along with. Real big a portion for S$4.90 indeed. We cun even finished up. But I was surprised that many dun know of the existence of this dish when it had already been my frequent side order since dunno how many yrs ago.

the complimentary coit tower jr
small glass indeed but just nice for me … ya it was all mine cos Ms Sotong was too full to stuff anymore ‘junk’ … hahaha …

It seemed that swensen is improving on their services. That’s a good sign!

She was in a good mood these few days cos her partime nite classes stopped until the next module which will commerce in a mth time.

It was my 3rd trip to JP2 but I din really take a good walk at basement level during the previous trips. I was surprised to see so many new concept stationery shops selling interesting and creative notebooks. But just see and no buy cos not cheap lor 😛

She said she frequented this bread shop becos of their S$1 saver @_@

I could only say … she din venture around enough 😛

While waiting for the train (towards pasir ris) to arrive, more and more ppl approached the platform. I forced her to take the round-trip journey down to Joo Koon with me since I have yet to take a look at the newly extended stations.

It was near 9pm then, as the cabins were very empty and no lights from the outside factories area, it made the journey rather … spooky. I felt more relieved when the train took off from joo koon station =^___^=

And since no one was around, we took the following shots in the cabin.

would u dare to sit under such signages … esp during peak hrs?

Swensen Again!

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