Evidences Of Bad Economy

Dinner met up with Cat at chinatown this evening. And as usual, due to work commitments, she was late. So I went ahead with my cheap toiletries ‘spree’ at ppl’s park food centre while waiting for her.

I cun resist but bought this for 小王子 … though he still not at the stage of brushing his teeth yet =P

Initially wanted to dine at ppl’s park food centre, but the weather was really unbearable. Esp after the long walk from ofc to chinatown, and around ppl’s park area until she arrived. And so we decided to head down to swensen at chinatown pt instead.

When did they start to serve complimentary plain water with an additional jug? We do appreciate such gesture indeed 🙂 And we saw good service … from this branch at least.

I had my seafood pasta again, but was pretty disappointed cos they served with too much oil here :S

Cat just returned back from her hainan island trip and bought me these : )

If given a free chance and undisturbing trip, I wun mind making a trip and take a look at my grandfather’s hometown. But then, it wun be on top of my travelling list :p

After settling the bill, they gave us a complimentary coit tower jr voucher. I will use it together with the 2x $2 off vouchers received from SC this morning for tml’s dinner with Ms Sotong instead =P

P/S: The walk from sago st -> trengganu st -> temple st -> pagoda st -> ppl’s park complex -> ppl’s park fc, and the shutting down of The Majestic mall, signified how bad the economy is ~_~

Evidences Of Bad Economy

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