Rare Heartlands Coffeeshops Coupon Promotions

Din know VariNice was under Kofu organisation too.

but only on selected food … my chicken chop not selected one 😦

Coupon promotions from the other newly renovated coffeeshop (different owner liao) too.

taken on 2nd day of opening …
(dun dare to go too near to take incase … :P)

Dun u think the combination of yellow coloured plastic chairs + wood coloured wallpapers + dim yellow light + cloth banners looks abit like a XXXX? (-_-“)

After lunch, we took a walk at the small city vibe mall. Something here caught 小王子’s attention …

He likes colours … esp such soft neon light that change colours … yellow! red! green! blue! orange! pink! … and so he read on …

it’s time for a good haircut oh …

T is returning back from his 2mth forum in japan (suzuka via nagoya … not osaka or tokyo) tml. 大妹 and 小王子 will not be staying overnite at my hse as frequent liao.

Rare Heartlands Coffeeshops Coupon Promotions

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