Unexpected Nite

No occasion today. Just purely a dinner meet up to collect our 2mths-delayed orders. It had also been a long time since I last met up with them.

A last min (maybe pre-planned by them) decision to the indonesian restaurant, Grandma’s Restaurant, located at united sq.

United Sq, a very kiddy mall which housed lots of kids related shops. I was very tempted to buy a smarty top for 小王子. But the other voice in me reminded me of his many unworn clothings at hm 😀

Must all indonesian restaurant be so dark?

I like their simple pillar shelving. I can imagine how nice my book and toy collections will look on it 🙂

when this was placed down, i could smell the aroma of pandan immediately

achar (S$3.50) which everyone ‘fought’ for …
not bad but would appreciate thinner slices

chicken curry (S$12.80)
i would appreciate spicier and less salty. too dry for my taste.

fishhead assam (S$28.80)
the refillable gravy was great! but not the rest in the claypot cos somehow I felt that they weren’t cooked long enough.

long beans (S$7.80)
hard and raw taste …

otak otak (S$8.80)
those from muar fare better …

Total bill came up to S$18+ each … considered quite reasonable 😀 It would be cheaper if we din order fishhead assam, but tat’s the saviour for this meal.

i have always like Singa the Courtesy Lion : )
the other campaign icon I like was Sharity Elephant.

We came by Udders when we were heading to united sq which was situated just along the small lane beside it. And so decided to have our desserts here after our meal.

The cafe was small and with limited seats but the tables they placed outside the cafe could actually spread thru the whole stretch of corridor.

classic double (S$4.90)
Mao Shan Wang Durian
– like eating durian leh
Gila Melaka – can really taste a strong sweetness of gula melaka … maybe that was why called ‘gila’ 😛

premium double (S$5.90)
Pear Sorbet
– not strong enough
Fresh Soursop Sorbet – no hint of soursop leh …

combo c/conn (S$6.70)
Rum Rum Raisin / Bailey’s & Bourbon
this bowl was full of rum and irish cream … a truely liqueur surprise ^^

It was 9pm+ then and it seemed tat there wasn’t anywhere else to go.

But suddenly a thought came … and it was booked. We reached Int’l Building in 15mins time ^__*

oh?! revamped ktv rooms?

Neon-lighted glass coffee table, disco lightings, tambourine and maraca, they really added on to the atmosphere : )

yummy agar agar and tibits …

It was a nite of oldies. We ended up singing real old songs that belonged to Tsai Qin (蔡琴), Teresa Teng (邓丽君), and so on =P

And not forgetting the barbie girl again @_@

Unexpected Nite