Dragon Boat Festival Gifts

端午节 (Dragon Boat Festival) is round the corner … 28th to be exact.

The festive food for this festival is none other than the glutinous rice with different meaty fillings wrapped by banana leaves that formed a pyramid shape, namely the BA ZHANG (肉种 or meat dumpling). Think that’s the reason why this is oso one of my fav fests 🙂

But nowsadays, festive foods don’t only appear during festive seasons. Like for me, I get to eat them as breakfast (almost) everyday … depending on my mood and the level of hunger =P

My hse started to ‘flood’ in by homemade ba zhangs from 妈咪’s friends. Just over the weekends, we steamed so many of them, and so I decided to bring 1 as today’s breakfast (saved S$1.50 :D).

But guess wat?! I received 3 others from 2 colleagues.

1 from SC, 2 from LX … they were all ba zhangs … neither nyonya zhang nor gee zhang.
my breakfast and lunch for tml … save S$5 … hehehe …

Received following gifts from JL who just returned from her taiwan trip.

dan shui (淡水) famous local product, tie dan (铁蛋) and the slim face roller 😛
kinda clashed combi … high cholesterol vs slimming

i thought i told 大妹 on sat not to buy me anymore of the ezlink card sticker but here I got it from JL instead @_@

And of cos the yummy pineapple tarts for our dept.

We could all understand … if she was able to spend soooo much during our recent melaka trip, S$1.5K spent in taiwan wasn’t a surprise to us AT ALL!

Updated on 26 May

I realised it was impossible for me to take all 3 ba zhangs for 2 meals consecutively in a day. So the other 2 will be my breakfasts for the next 2 days 😛

Dragon Boat Festival Gifts

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