ShinTokyo @ City Vibes

妈咪 din cook dinner tonite, so 大妹 and I decided to venture out the restaurants at City Vibes, a cinema-converted mall (will do up a seperate post on this) in Clementi.

I was craving for sushi then and we decided to try out ShinTokyo Sushi instead of Sakae Sushi which located just opp each other.

and it served ramen ten’s ramens too

The surrounding wasn’t too bad. I like the chandeliers and motif wallpaper used.

They were now having promotion for white plates which cost 99cts at any time of the day … with unlimited period of time. And I think this may be the only reason … to return back? I would not do so even though.

Black plates that cost S$4.30 each. Look at how thin the egg was! The rice wasn’t firm enough at all with missing vinegar taste. Even the soya sauce failed. It was so salty … despite always having the same amt of serving to go with the wasabi. It spoilt the taste while savoring the salmon sashimi (S$6.50).

We ordered a bowl of seafood dry ramen (S$12.90) from the ramen menu to share cos I remembered I tried a good one at AMK back then. But it was a great disappointment. Tasteless or bland to describe it all.

Heard from 妈咪 Uncle Sam’s craypot served good craypot food. Maybe we will venture there one of these days.

ShinTokyo @ City Vibes

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