2009 RC Trip – 3D2N Malacca Retreat

Finally done! It’s really fun looking back at all those near 800 pix.

10 Apr Friday 

They were not realistic enough so it’s better for me to come out my better one.

Presenting the itinerary by XXXXX FREE GUIDING ‘TOUR’ (VERY PRIVATE) LTD

Dun u think it’s more comprehensive? And the organiser dun believe me to depart spore earlier. We were jammed in the traffic along the bridge for ……. 3 long hrs … never in my life really … Which as usual was due to those cars that were trying to cut thru their car queue that blocked the coaches in the bus lane. Same mentality for those at the car queue to block those cars from cutting in lor. ***sigh***

And of cos, there were long queues at JB checkpt. With the luggage scanning imposed, the wait was even longer. But of cos with my personal advise, we dun have to queue too long for the scanning =P
It was pouring along the way, and by the time we reached yong peng, it was already 1.30pm. We grabbed some snacks instead cos there would be buffet waiting for us at the hotel. Our guide had to make a call to the hotel for them to wait for us. The tour agency decided to compensate us on our lost time by offering free peranakan lunch on our departure. Nice gesture but spoiling my plan again 😦 … wat more it was a lousy lunch.
With all the delays and jam, we finally reached the hotel where we were told to head straight to the buffet place. By then it was 4pm already, the supposedly lunch buffet turned into late high tea instead. And my appetite was totally gone by then, though the rest still consumed their food heartily.


We were rather unfortunate then cos we had to take fast meal and could only use the super slow and easily packed cargo lift up to our rooms. Some vips happened to held their functions in the hotel during the same weekends. We could only take the lobby lifts when their ‘red-carpet ceremonies’ (arrival and departure) were over. Our coaches weren’t even allow to drive into the pick-up pt during our departure #%$#^%&^*$

And so finally we made our 1st move around 5pm+. The historical places like A’ Famosa, St. Paul’s Hill and The Stadthuys were just within walking distance from our hotel. Which was just wat we would need to digest the late meal we (they) had earlier on 🙂 And that was also the time when my tourist status transformed into a free guiding tour leader =P


After the near 45mins stay, we proceeded on to jonker st., detouring to Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock (holland road or antique st) 1st in search for the Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum where Little Nyonya was filmed.

Everyone got excited when we spotted the Nyonya Shoe retail shop which sell at much cheaper price than those selling at jonker st (Jalan Hang Jebat). They are able to make to order too. And we realised on our last day when we saw this friendly auntie from the shop that they delivered orders to the hotel too … via her bicycle. Eco-friendly ya ^_* And I think we stayed here for almost half an hour.

Had wanted to bring them to the temple which overlook the jonker area, but the sky had turned dark. And so we proceeded on to Jonker Walk.

We finally digged in to the local food at Jonker Dessert 88 for some authentic nyonya delights.

nyonya asam laksa (RM3.50) which tasted soury,
fatty slippery noodle that tasted like our bee tai mak,
and a spoonful of tuna to mix with.

shrimp dumpling gravy noodle (RM3.00) which I din get the chance to try.
but it seemed different from wat is offered in spore.

baba salad (RM2.00) consisted of all kinds of veges with
peanuts and syrup spreaded on top. simple but refreshing.

baba chendol which used much gula melaka that tasted very sweet but yet refreshing.

We took a stroll around and bought some local products from Lucy Wee (we enjoyed great discounts with Cousin M’s name =P) before settling down at Old Nanyang Cafe while waiting for Cousin M and her friend, O. They were our chauffeurs during our stay 😀 2 cars for 11 of us, excluding the 2 drivers. Thks gals and pai-sey-neh! ^_*

While waiting for them, we enjoyed mass line dancings at the stage area. Slumdog Millionaire’s dance steps had became one of their dances too 😮

We were only 2hrs away from our last meal and here we were for supper … Satay Celup along Ong Kim Wee. At least more than half of the grp enjoyed the food. ***phew***

We retired ‘early’ cos we need to be up and around by 9am for our breakfast at the nyonya restaurant in the hotel.

11 Apr Saturday

One good thing about this restaurant was they served good buffet. It was unlike other buffet where standard usually dropped as they preparing mass servings. The aroma of the nasi stayed in the mouth as u eat. Rendang chicken was tendering good. Fried noodles was bouncy and not too soggy. Even a simple baked potato wasn’t too hard nor too soft. Very satisfying breakfast indeed.

Mainly malls shoppings today, and returning to those streets again. 4hrs for both Phalawan Dataran Mega Mall and Mahkota Parade weren’t enough for the 11 of us to shop. With good discounts given for so many shoes purchases and our exchange rate, the gals happily bought minimum 2 pairs of shoes back. Actually me too 😛

Cousin M and fren O came to fetch us at 2.30pm, and off we went for our lunch at Heng Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball. We chose this to the famous Fomosa Chicken Rice Ball becos of it smoother chicken dishes and refillable Black Bean Soup (RM2.00).

1/2 white and roasted chicken each for RM15.00,
while the approx. 20pcs chicken rice balls for RM5.00,
which someone mistaken them for fishballs when placing order … hahaha …

claypot asam fish head for RM40.00 (mkt price)

We returned back to holland rd for the Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum tour. RM8.00 per entry. Local native cousin M and fren O only knew about this place from us 😮 No photography was allowed so no pix here. CCTV was installed at varies corners of the ceiling if u dare to take any pix. Anyway, part of it were shown in the Little Nyonya drama.

side note: Hotel Puri was another shooting spot where many sparrows made their hm. I din know it until I watched the Sensational Malaysia Melaka episode which came too late 😦

But for the sake of taking some interior pix of a baba-nyonya house, we went into the Malaqa House Museum Sdn. Bhd, which I had came by last yr.

We dropped by Nyonya Shoe retail shop for another shoes purchase again before we returned back for more local products spree at LW, and we were given 2 complimentary boxes of pineapple tarts. Whao!!!

More spendings on local products were made at Aik Cheong and San Shu Gong. Forgotten to take a pix of these big spree haul :-OOO

As jonker st was about to close their roads for nite walk, we left the place for weekends pasar malam at kota laksamana which had just opened for business. Our main agenda for this pasar malam was to buy the nynoya kueh from Baba Charlie, but was shocked to know most of his kuehs were sold out. And I thought they just started business cos it was only 6.30pm then.

Nevertheless, we ventured on this long pasar malam which BS eventually bought some corns and popiahs for tonite’s snacks in the hotel 😛

Last chauffeured location, Portuguese Settlement. EN and her husband went on their way as we departed from jonker st. If we knew they wun be joining us for dinner, we would have stayed on for seafood dinner at this place rather then just drop by to enjoy the breeze 😦 I will try the meal here the next time when my chauffeurs were free 😛

We were told that our hotel jap restaurant served good jap food, and so we decided to retreat back with our barangs before we left for dinner.

After dropping us at the lobby, we bidded farewell to our 2 kind chauffeurs 😀

As some of us felt that spending approx. S$40 on a decent jap dinner during this trip was kinda extravagant, we went towards mahkota parade for a KFC feast instead.

After staying for around 2hrs at the mall, we decided to return back to the hotel. But as we were heading back, we came to know about JJ’s bd which was approaching in less than 2 hrs time, and so we bought a small chocolate fudge cake from Zen (by Secret Recipe) along the way for an upcoming small bd celebration held in my room.

And so as the clock striked 12midnite …

12 Apr Sunday

Almost same dishes but cooked differently. It served curry chicken today. Rarely take heavy breakfast like these in the morning and so that was the amt I took.

We decided to waste time no more and so checked out early so that we could have ample time for our last min shoppings at phalawan before the assemble time at 12.45pm.

As mentioned earlier, we had to board our coaches beside the road instead since they cun drive into the pick up pt becos of them :-\

And as expected, the coaches drove us to Tan Kim Hock for some local products spree. Not forgetting that my ‘tour grp’ already had theirs the day before :-OO

After making a few turns, we reached our lunch place, Seroni Nyonya Cuisine Restaurant. Quite near to the Ole Sayang which I had wanted to bring them to, and which served sooooooo much better food than them. Or can I say, cun be compared either?

Diluted and raw tastes which seemed to have been prepared in a rush. A wasted meal when we could have went for better ones. I even overheard from the coach driver telling the tour guide that there was better restaurant nearby. ***sigh***

Grabbed a BIG BAO at yong peng. Ta-bao-ed one back for 妈咪 too. 🙂 And it was the same stall that sell the pricely glutinous rice at RM4.00.

Smooth trip back and so reached hm early ^__^

The RC committee head asked me for opinion on next yr trip to Penang which of cos both hands (even both legs) rise high for that! v(^___^)v


Oh ya! When did the Tang Dynasty City demolished? It was still there when I returned from my KL trip last yr.

So there goes another flop project … which cost S$100m to build.

Click here for best website that shows the interior of Tang Dynasty back in 1993 when it was at it’s boom.

More pic of the forsaken place …
Exploration de Tang Dynasty Part 1
Exploration de Tang Dynasty Part 2
Exploration de Tang Dynasty Part 3
Exploration de Tang Dynasty Part 4
Exploration de Tang Dynasty Part 5
Exploration de Tang Dynasty Part 6
Exploration de Tang Dynasty Part 7
Exploration de Tang Dynasty Part 8
Exploration de Tang Dynasty Part 9

I went in once for a company dinner which I worked for while waiting for my O level results back then. And the last time I was there was during the xmas season 13yrs when most of my melaka relatives (about 11 of them) were here for holiday 😀

Hong Kong comedies 花田喜事 and 水浒笑传 came here for location shootings too. Wat a pity. But then if it wasn’t into good use, tearing it down might not be a bad idea after all.

2009 RC Trip – 3D2N Malacca Retreat

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