Ah Hock Kaya Roti Cafe @ Clementi Central

Finally making a trip to the clinic for my soreness as soon as I woke up this morning 😦

Had a break with 大妹 at this small local cafe which had opened for biz in this revamped building for 1yr+(?). 妈咪 had always mentioned to me about this place when it 1st opened, but it wasn’t until now that I decided to give it a try.

my order – italian toast set
italian bread used was rather unusual but the combination was as great …
not too hard/dry nor too soft … and even went with cripsy sounds.

大妹’s order – cheese toast set
she had the cheese replaced by butter instead. tasted like bombay toast.
blattered eggs used were generous, and wasn’t too burnt.

Their eggs were very big, smooth and soft … like those of Ya Kun but unlike the pathetic size and badly cooked ones of Wang. Kopi Siew Dai tasted just nice for me … not too sweet nor too bitter like Wang … no after taste too. 大妹’s kopi si was fine for her too.

大妹 was in the mood to ‘interview’ the cafe owner … on my behalf she said … telling him about my food blog @_@

Anyway ‘thks’ to her that I got to knew that Ah Hock Kaya Roti had been around for a long time, but in jurong previously until they closed and swifted to present location. But before that, his father had been selling kaya roti via his roti van since 1961.

old photo of his father with his roti van sticked onto the wall
(his look was very much towards his father lor … I told him that too … hehehe …)

fresh tibits reserved in the kitchen
when can I start to eat these? ***sigh*** 😦

Ah Hock Kaya Roti Cafe @ Clementi Central