RC Event – Bowling Nite @ SAFRA Mount Faber

It had been quite some times since I stepped into a bowling centre.

As the game went into half session for the 1st set, being an average scorer, I decided to set a (stupid) rule for loser to treat drinks and winner to treat dinner for our own grp of 6.

So when I started to strike consecutively with more scores, my ‘panic’ came as I was the top scorer till my last game for the 2nd set. Luckily JJ broke this record for me by 6 pts =P

But I wasn’t that lucky for the last set, cos I became the top scorer merely by 1 pt :~_~: My stupidity 😦

Nevertheless, it was a very fun and relax bowling nite indeed. Laughters spreaded all around, esp with this crazy hongkie around who put his nick as “Chikopei” … hahahaha …

And it was the 1st time to have encountered weird system where players would need to switch lanes according to the monitor indicator. Not sure was it due to the wrong settings done.

C(CT)’s keyed name under lane 6 had to swtich to lane 5 for her game, while S(SM) to lane 6 for his.

As we merely take ‘breakfast’ set as our dinner at Ya Kun in the building itself, some of us decided to plan for supper after the game. BS who cun join us for the game planned to meet us for supper at vivo initially until she was told to be hm for vesak praying … which she had forgotten. Old Cow, JJ and I went ahead for ours eventually, at Tiong Bahru Mkt instead. The rest either went hm or left for another appt. Kinda spoilt mood though 😦

my 1st trip here actually 😛

My dry coughing that nite seemed to get worse, cos I found myself losing of voice soon … esp after the laughters and ‘high volume talkings’ in the noisy bowling centre. @_@

I thought a bowl of green bean soup could cool down my condition, but it seemed to get worse with the residue. Luckily some ‘clever’ cow suggested coke with salt. The dessert stall owner was kind enough to get some salt from neighbouring stall after realising the emptied container of his.

JJ was having cough too but she took ice jelly to 以毒攻毒

every stalls claimed that theirs are authentic. we just chose any and settled for 2 packs of these. soft and nice, though oily 😛

After our simple supper, we strolled all the way towards the Link Hotel where we spilt from. I like the area we passed by. If only it was daytime when I could take better pix of the surroundings. We spotted an old-time tze char restaurant next to a big carpark which we might consider it for our next dinner outing.

I thought I had direct bus from the bus stop to my place, but only to realise niterider was the only direct bus which only operate from 11.35pm onwards, and it was only 10.45pm then. So having no choice, I took the only bus to the nearest mrt (nearer to my place) which ended up with a 30mins ride when it was supposedly a 15mins journey. Wat went worse was I alighted at an earlier mrt bus stop which provided no direct bus! And so ended up taking the mrt back. @#$^%$#^

It took me almost an hour to reach hm. AIYO!!! @_@

RC Event – Bowling Nite @ SAFRA Mount Faber

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