We Are All The Same

Fire at Marina Bay area put out
By Zhang Tingjun, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 07 May 2009 1544 hrs

SINGAPORE : Several loud explosions rocked the Marina Bay area on Thursday afternoon, prompting several witnesses to call the MediaCorp news hotline.

Dark plumes of smoke caught the attention of office workers in the buildings near Marina Boulevard.

They also heard several loud explosions and saw flames shooting into the air.

“I saw some smoke coming from that direction over there, followed by a massive explosion. All the explosions were actually preceded by the surge of fire. The third one was the highest one; it went up to about 20 feet or so,” said Ong Teck Chye, an office worker in UIC building.

Those on the ground nearest the explosion said they even saw a gas cylinder shoot into the sky from the impact.

“I saw the smoke come up, then the explosion, and one of the (gas) cylinder flew up to (about) 100 metres… It was very high,” said one member of the public.

The incident took place at about 2:40pm.

The fire erupted after 18 acetylene cylinders fell from a truck as it was rounding a sharp bend along Marina Way.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said five acetylene cylinders ruptured, causing the fire.

Acetylene is commonly used in cutting and welding works.

SCDF officers brought the flames under control within 10 minutes.

No one was injured in the incident. – CNA /ls

We thought it was thunder outside the closed blinds when we first heard it, until Mr Superman’s curiosity arose and exclaimed in japanese that an explosion occurred. Soon many others looked out of the windows too.

Everyone returned back to their seats after the 2nd explosion cos we thought it was merely site bombings to create holes or wat somewhere in the IR site, or they found another World War II relic and detonated it.

When the 3rd explosion came, more ppl ran … yes! it’s ‘ran’ … towards the windows. Me still staying in my seat saw 小黑 giggling away. He asked if we never hear such explosion before? Well, our country is safe u know. (Someone else scare he will start to send different pix of explosions like wat he did for ‘packed train‘ … ho ho ho …)

雷门 and I, other than 小黑 were oso laughing, but at the ‘kpo-ness’ of our colleagues, and so decided to take a shot of this funnie sight.

Just when we started shooting, some gals made loud exclamation which FINALLY arose both 雷门 and I =P

We are all the same wor … hahaha …

We Are All The Same