One thing I hate about being sick isn’t the slow process to recovery but the cravings that came before the recovery … arrrghhhhh …

‘Misfortune’ always resurfaced before any celebration or occasion … pimples outbreak (~_~:) Stress mah? No leh … must be lack of sleep for the past few weeks … arrrrghhhhh….

Anyway, that wasn’t the worst. As soon as I felt ‘an apple’ down my throat, I washed down with ‘tonnes’ of water and vitamins c tablets. So at least I ‘survived’ thru 小妹’s wedding day.

Maybe I was too crazy that nite cos many crazy cousins around … real crazy ones, I drank a glass of white wine (toasting time), red wine (with many yummy steak slices), and a small bottle of hoegaarden beer within that 3hrs. Not that I was drunk after all these, I was still super sober infact … though I feel very hot =P Everything was still fine until the following day.

Actually 小王子 started to fall sick on that thurs. The extreme hot weather over that few days plus 14 ppl ‘camping’ in a hdb flat, not only was him sick but oso the potentially sick me.

Since there were another 2 sickly ones from the other hsehold, 大妹 and 小王子 were here to stay for a week. And so the both of us became the sickly ones in this hsehold after the crazy relatives returned back to melaka on sun.

Taking care of a sickly infant wasn’t easy, esp when he woke up crying in the middle of the nite. Anyway, both of us were still on the road of recovery.

As for me, dry cough changed my voice for the past few days. **cough** **cough** … though still so now 😦 … And when I touched on any small pc of chicken meat … that’s it! the slight soreness came back again … arrrghhhh ….

Dunno fortunate or misfortune, I dun have to take extra leave to rest at hm last week 😦

But right now, I’m craving for satays, char kuey teow, feast … feast … feast … arrrrghhhhhhhh …


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