How To Be On The ‘Save’ Side?

When u need to treat ur guests with snacks on a customary day, these will do …

Only 1 of them was mine, 1 from 妈咪, and the rest from 大妹.

It wasn’t a cheapskate gesture at all cos we ‘paid’ (more) for the cards with our blessings thru the ang baos for newly borned babies.

Saving them up really came in handy to us now ^___^


Today is Earth Day.

Let’s us waste no more …
Let’s us share 1 freely distributed newspaper around …
Let’s us use drinking cups than non-biodegradable/disposable styrofoam/paper cups …
Let’s us serve no drink during meetings …
Let’s us print when REALLY necessary only …
Let’s us just own a hp till it die down …
Let’s us stop taking the disposable chopsticks/spoons/forks/knives when packing food hm or to office …
Let’s us just do our part for the earth we lived on.

How To Be On The ‘Save’ Side?

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