Pre-wedding Tai Tai Day

We took half day leave this day for another round of pedicure and other miscellaneous preparations ready for 小妹’s wedding this sat.

Time for some ‘savings’ need as there will be big spendings during this hm event period.

S$9.50 set lunch – breaded chicken with bbq sauce set with 7-up, mushrooms soup and butter cake. Normal taste but tat’s full enough without wasting on those free flow home made breads. We cun even finish up the sponge cake.

小妹’s ham & eggs with melted cheddar cheese club sandwiches (S$7.80). A simple dish that always tasted good and filling.

Our main agenda …

We made trips to spotlight and daiso in search for suitable sister band raw materials. I was supposed to make the sisters bands but laziness got over me 😀 And since the sisters grp reduced to 3pax instead, a custom-made one done by the ‘professional’ at the cart becomes a better choice =P

Since decision had been made, we settled down for a late tea break which ended up as our dinner after such a big spread :-O

the usual orders with new addition, All American Breakfast (S$10.90) … ya, breakfast set for lunch/dinner (lun-ner?)

That small bowl was mushrooms cream sauce(or soup) … tasted like those served in spaghetti but too much intake will seems too over. The black pepper sausage was good. The rest were just normal french toast, hashbrown, scramble eggs and ham. Not bad for a ‘real’ breakfast.

We were supposed to receive some news today but … anyway 小妹’s studio pix were ready and off we left for MDW @ tras st.

Nicely taken photos. I love their concept. They were so natural. Everything was done and transported from HK. Even the staffs were either from hk, tw or msia.

and I spotted myolie and bosco’s ‘wedding’ pix … charlene choi too

Anyway, once I got 小妹 pix, I will do up a site on them as wat I did for 大妹.

Pre-wedding Tai Tai Day

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