Musical Drama 天冷就回来

Not that I was suddenly so ‘on’ for play or musical, I was thinking, since I supported overseas troupe, shouldn’t I give the same support to our local troupe too? Moreover the same musical received good reviews when they 1st appeared in 2007.

And well, if u are a singaporean, wat more a 80s child, u will truly love this play, cos u could hear so many Liang Wen Fu’s songs, so singapore.

I was in a dilemma to approach him for signature on this ‘随意付款’ book but ‘pai-sey-ness’ gotten over me =P

This plot was rather norm, with sporeans leaving for new york to pursue their dreams and the happenings they encountered there. Though they had yet to fulfilled their dreams but they found their spirits … the love for musics and the love for each others.

Near 30+ songs were nicely mixed into many medleys. It was enjoyable indeed though some parts of this musical play were rather draggy.

One thing I dislike was the ending speech given by the dunno-who-was-she. Maybe my standard for a short and sweet professional ending speech had been set high by the taiwan play, I was hoping to hear a more professional ending speech then just ending it informing everyone that there will be a signing session outside the theatre as though we had just attended a short video session in some kind of an excusion … though we were at the NLB.

This musical came in 2 Acts which last for a total of 3hrs. I was fully prepared for it, but not AK and M’E who skipped lunch and were extremely hungry by the time the play ends. If I knew earlier, I wun have taken lunch alone, cos finding seat inside the crowded han’s under such extreme hot weather was extremely difficult. Only 2 gals were kind enough to approach me (thru eye contacts) to take over their table. Extremely grateful to them for their kind gesture 🙂 An auntie was grateful to me when I offered the empty seat infront of me to her too ^___^

Oh ya, and we thought they would distribute OCK snacks after the play since they were one of the main sponsors =P

Anyway, we headed off for dinner together after the play. Yet Con was the initial choice but soon changed to Chin Chin (opp side) as per recommended by M’E.

Chin Chin offering almost similar dishes was more of a kopitiam feel instead.

hainanese porkchop (海南猪扒) S$5/6/8/10 – not bad … at least not salty

steam/roast chicken (白鸡烧鸡) 1/2 for S$12 each – a bit dry for my liking …

sweet potato leaves (番薯叶) S$6/8/10 – not spicy enough

beancurd prawn balls with egg sauce (滑蛋虾球豆腐) S$8/10/12 – quite norm

If comparing bth, Yet Con’s food tasted stronger. But if u are going for lighter taste, Chin Chin will be a better choice.

Musical Drama 天冷就回来

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