It’s A Cutie World!

A bunch of ppl caused commotions at the 7 eleven during lunch hr … reason being …

When we were told that there were 9 pcs left in store and will be replenishing for more later in the afternoon, we just grabbed any 9 ice creams before they changed their mind of offering us 1 ice cream towards 1 thumbdrive instead of taking 2 ice creams to buy 1 thumbdrive.

7-eleven promo is ending soon. For every 2 magnum ($3.90 each) ice cream, add $14.90 to get a 2GB thumbdrive. It wasn’t the capacity of the thumbdrive we were interested in, but rather the cute design of it 😛 Anyway, grab while stock last!

‘goped’ this from mr 长先生’s desk :p cute rite? ^___^

It’s A Cutie World!

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