Lunchie Treat @ Harry’s Bar Again

This treat from Ms Sotong had been postponed and postponed a few times. Though we had told her to forget about it, she insisted on having so … if not she wun feel easy I guess.

ham n cheese sandwiches (S$13)
ms sotong’s order – she just wanted sandwiches … hahaha … and that was good enough for her.
gosh! I could have just prepare that for her and get the S$13 😛

fish and chips (S$16)
BS and old cow’s order – the serving was kinda different from the usual 2 pcs serving.
this dish came in 4 smaller sized breaded fish pcs. the seasoning used was so familiar.
it made me missed my 阿麻’s way of frying chicken wings.

chicken caesar pita (S$14)
SC’s order – a rather big serving. best to eat them upon serving if not the
grilled chicken breast meat with pita would turned too dry to consume.

tandoori chicken wrap (S$14)
mine – a repeated order. noticed the price increased by S$2.
the wraps were looser bigger than before but still tasted as good as before.
the salad serving changed too … other than the change in vege, there weren’t anymore cheese cubes and olive.

This time round, gst was inclusive in the price, maybe that explained the increase in pricings. But still remained with no service charge.

Oh ya, remember to use citibank cc to enjoy the 15% dis on their main courses.

Lunchie Treat @ Harry’s Bar Again

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